China International Rural Development & Innovation Expo
2025.3.26-3.28/Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center
A professional matchmaking platform for industrial development in rural revitalization
China International Rural Development & Innovation Expo


Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center

  • 50,000+
    EXhibition Area
  • 30,000+
    Professional Audience
  • 500+


  • 50,000+
    Exhibition Area
  • 30,000+
    Professional Audience
  • 500+


The China International Rural Innovation & Development Expo is the nation's first national-level expo focusing on the entire industry chain of rural revitalization. It brings together leading brands from various fields, with a focus on showcasing cutting-edge technological achievements, high-tech products, and solutions related to the high-quality development of rural areas.

Under the authoritative guidance of governments at all levels, the expo deeply explores core professional audiences, highlighting construction projects represented by various regions and showcasing high-quality owner units. It attracts professional buyers, distributors/agents/traders, and downstream end-users from various industries, facilitating the connection between supply and demand along the entire industry chain of rural revitalization, promoting interconnection and intercommunication.

 Expo Highlights 
  • Professional
    Gathering professional visitors from the five major industries of agricultural science and technology, finance, ecology, and new energy
  • Authority
    We tightly grasp resources for purchasing over a thousand frontline projects and international buyer resources.
  • Empowerment
    We provide 7 major themed subjects, 40+ event topics, high-standard summits, benchmark flagship exhibitions and digitalized comprehensive platforms.
  • Connection
    Powerful resource service matching supply and demand, helping to achieve a 'dual circulation' of domestic innovative technology and international investment
  • Influence
    Shaping the industry benchmark position, creating a golden business card for China's rural revitalization as a showcase platform for over 20 countries worldwide.
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    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Sub-Council Established in 1956 as an important window for Shanghai's contact with the rest of the world. Shanghai Council for the Promotion ofInternaltional Trade (CCPIT Shanghai) provides the functions of "serving the government, connecting with enterprises and representing business interest". Under the leadership of CPC SHanghai Municipal Committee, Shanghai Municipal Government between business communities at home and abroad.

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    Taken independent in July 2016.Shanghai Intex Exhibition (Co.Ltd) was originally founded in 1995 as the pioneering exhibition organizing business of Intex Shanghai, the first joint venture venue management business in Shanghai. Shanghai Intex is jointly overseen by the China Councilor the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Shanghai ang PNO Exhibitions, giving it the perfect combination of domestic and international resources.

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